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Bike Shop - The Musical

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There's a bike musical coming to town!

Written by a cyclist and bike shop owner, Bike Shop is the story of a Brooklyn bicycle store and its owner, Bobby. Two years after a tragic bike accident, Bobby tries to get back on the bike to get her life in gear. The sole performer brings to life three generations of a colorful, bike-obsessed family as she builds and repairs real bicycles on stage...while backed up by the 4-piece Bicycle Band.

Bike Shop the Musical

We're told that if you ride your bike to the theater you can park it on stage for the show!

Bike Shop runs from March 9th-18th.

Where: Theater For The New City, 155 First Avenue (Bwn 9th/10th Sts)
              For easy directions by bicycle:

When: Mon (3/12) at 6PM; Tue (3/9)-Sat (3/18) at 8PM; Sundays at 3PM.

How Much: Mon-Sat tickets are $15. Sundays, pay what you can.

Bike Shop stars Elizabeth Barkan (who also wrote the book). Directed by Gretchen Cryer. Music Direction by Gerry Dieffenbach. Music by Youn-Young Park. Lyrics by Caroline Murphy. Additional Music by Gerry Dieffenbach.

For tickets and reservations call 212-254-1109 or purchse them online at For more information, go to

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